Friday, June 14, 2013

Ten Pin Linky Party

     I am a pinterest addict so when I found Ashley Reed's Ten Pin Linky Party I knew I had to participate.  I just began a new blog documenting my adventures teaching in Abu Dhabi, UAE so if you check out my blog you will see it's just getting off the ground.  I hope some of you will revisit my blog spot as I share my experiences!


I absolutely love this center set up. The bed tray type containers would be perfect for small students and they keep everything so organized! I found this idea on


I hope to sew some of these precious owls for small boo-boos next year. I found these on

I am in love with this lantern owl also. I may see a room theme in my future but I can't commit at this point until I get home to Texas to see what is cheap and light to bring back in my suitcases. I picked up this pin on

My husband is king of the zip ties. I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier. I can't wait to use this tip to create tables out of all those desks! I found this pin on

With my tables zip tied together I am going to need to be able to move my desk tags easily. I have been using box tape for years and hated it. I was excited to grab this pin on

Teaching a room full of second language learners led me to this pin. Most of my summer work will be across the world from my actual classroom. In the UAE teachers don't have the luxury of spending time in their classrooms over the summer so I will be working on bilingual labels for my classroom and I want to use actual pictures whenever possible. This link came from

These ice trays and crayola markers are at the top of my list of things to bring back from the US.  I am hoping this storage idea will make it easy to check that all markers have a lid in place when we clean up.  I cried every time I lost a marker this year from drying up because I knew it would be months before I was able to get replacements.  I grabbed this link on


I love the idea of using a lazy susan with containers attached for my tables next year. I need to find a source for cheap ones. If anyone has any tips on where to purchase them at a good price I would appreciate the help! I grabbed this pin on

One of my biggest headaches this year teaching in a new culture is the number of interruptions I get from people opening the door to see which of my 2 classes are in the room or to ask where they are.  I plan to modify this idea to include 2 classes and of course have it translated into Arabic as well.  I hope it helps!  I picked up this idea on

I have not tried this yet but it is another goal I have for the summer while I am limited to computer work and shopping.  I think this classroom management tool will be great for those girls who speak little to no English.  I know it will give them confidence in using classroom routines without having to ask another student what is being said.  Visual and auditory clues are high on my list this year!  If anyone has any tips or ideas for this goal I would love to hear them.  I grabbed this idea from
I can't believe I'm already at the end of my first try with a linky party.  I had a blast and I hope you find something useful for yourself!  Have a wonderful week!!!

Let's Get It Started!

     As my first year of teaching in Abu Dhabi winds to a close I have made the decision to try my hand at blogging about this educational adventure.  I began blogging last year as my husband and I decided to make a move from Texas, USA all the way across the world to Abu Dhabi, UAE.
     I began teaching 21 years ago in Texas.  My husband and I became empty nesters last year when our youngest child headed to college at Texas A & M University.  Our oldest child had been at Howard Payne University in Brownwood, Texas for 2 years when we decided to embark on this adventure. As a veteran teacher I never realized how much I would learn about teaching as well as myself as I spent my first year teaching overseas. The past year of teaching second and third grade girls in Abu Dhabi, UAE has been an incredible learning experience to say the least.
     I am ready to head home for the summer to spend time with family and friends.  I am also looking forward to another great year of teaching in the UAE.  As most teachers do, I am already thinking of things that I want to change or update for next year so I plan to document my summer planning and the next year of teaching in Abu Dhabi.